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Check Us Out For The Highest Quality and Lowest Cost Faux Driveway Columns,
Fence Post Covers, Monument Signs and Fencing To Be Found ... Anywhere!


Faux Columns    20" x 20" x 48" Stucco Columns As Low As $345.80*
    * Lots of 10+  (Top Caps Included!)
Stucco Post Covers
  • Slips Over 4" x 4"  Post (Or any size post you want)
  • No Footings Required
  • 7 Cap Selections (Stucco Prods)
  • Fiberglass Mesh Reinforced (Stucco Prods).
  • Any Size You Need (Stucco & Brick Prods)
  • Custom Shapes Available (Stucco Prods)
  • Six Vibrant Brick Colors
  • Four Stucco Finishes
  • 15 Standard Stucco Styles (All same price)
  • Stucco Fence Panels Fiberglass Mesh Reinforced
  • Arrives Ready To Install -  No "Kits" To Assemble
  • E-Z Installation Setup For Attaching Fencing Hardware
  • Prices On All Our Products Include The Top Caps

"Dress up your entrance ways to give your home, business or subdivision a look
of elegance - at a fraction of the cost of stone or brick." 

Stucco Columns and Mailbox
" ... the columns and mailbox look great!  I'll send you
over more pics."

Alan K.
Deerfield Beach, FL

Faux Stucco Post Covers
"... here are some pictures of the post covers. They look
great. Thanks for all your help."

Eagle River, Alaska


      "Your  Choice Of 15 Driveway Column and Post Cover Styles ... 6 Cap Styles ...
4 Stucco Finishes ... and 2 Custom Stucco Colors - all for the same low price!

If you are searching for driveway columns and fence post covers ... search no further.  Where else can you get 15 different styles of stucco columns and fence post covers, along with your choice of six cap styles - all for the same low price?  Nowhere (that we know of).  Our exclusive production method gives you a product that will far out last any standard stucco material. 

                                                                        Our Proprietary Dura Stone™ Process

First, your column or fence post cover is coated with our proprietary
Dura Stone™ coating - a special flexible hard coat acrylic latex resin that looks exactly like stucco, but is flexible and more durable than stucco (it doesn't contain any cement.)   Next, we embed a layer of reinforced fiberglass mesh into the first coat, which makes the resin even stronger.

Then, for an extra layer of protection, your column receives a second
Dura Stone™ coat on top of the fiberglass mesh!  The end result is that your column or fence post cover is crack resistant and as hard as nails.  Weight of a finished 12" x 12" x 72" stucco fence post cover is approximately 30 lbs. Your choice of two standard colors: Cream and Gray. If you require a special color, choose from over 1200 different color options (slight upcharge may apply).

                                                                Special Designs Made To Your Specifications

Don't see the design you want? Contact us and chances are we can make it for you. 

Note: All stucco resin and brick faux products are made using 1.5# EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) with reinforced fiberglass mesh.

All stucco columns and post covers shown below are available in any height and width required.
Stucco Columns Post Covers

Faux Post Covers

Faux Post Covers


Your Cap Style Choices *  (Available with stucco products only)

Our stucco caps are made with the same quality materials as our stucco columns and fence post covers!  Fiberglass mesh sandwiched in between two layers of a special flexible hard coat acrylic latex resin that feels and looks exactly like stucco. Your choice of any of the caps below at no extra charge!*  Special sizes available.  Caps are unpainted (white).
Slight upcharge for ball  cap

Stucco Post Caps Stucco Post Cover Caps Stucco Post Cover Caps Stucco Post Cover Caps
FS-21:   23" X 23" X 8" FS-22: 23" X  23" X 8" FS-23: 23" X 23" X 4" FS-24: 23" X 23" X 5"
15" X 15" X 6" 15" X 15" X 6" 15" X 15" X 4" 15" X 15" X 4"

Stucco Post Cover Caps Stucco Post Cover Caps Stucco Post Cover Caps

Specially Designed Caps Made To             Your Specifications!*
Minimum Quantity May Apply

FS-25: 23" X 23" X 5" FS-26: 23" X 23" X 3" FS-27: 23" X 23" X 12"
15" X 15" X 4" 15" X 15" X 3" 15" X 15" X 10"
* $35.00 ea. upcharge


Important Information: Our stucco columns and fence post covers are reinforced with fiberglass mesh layered in between our proprietary Dura Stone process - giving your product an extra layer of hardness and durability!

Your Choice Of FOUR Stucco Finishes

Stucco Finishes

                 *Sand finish is standard

                                  Exclusive Dura Stone ™ Process Gives You Extra Durability

Faux Stucco Coating


                                            Your Choice of TWO Standard Stucco Colors*

                                                                     * Custom Colors Available at slight up charge.

Faux Stucco Colors

SW Interactive Cream SW Uncertain Gray


Faux Brick Columns

    20" x 20" x 48" Faux Brick Columns As Low As $474.57 ea.* 
    12" x 12" x 72" Faux Brick Post Covers As Low As $484.23 ea.*

      *Lots of 5+ (Top caps included!)

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"Get the look, feel and durability of real brick - at a fraction of the cost!"

Our faux brick columns and post covers are head and shoulders above anything you'll ever see on the Net. Why? 

Because as you research other companies, you'll discover a distinct pattern: Their faux brick products all have two things in common:  1) Their "bricks" are nothing more than different colors of paint applied over uniform brick-shaped templates that all look alike and 2) Their "mortar joints" are simply grey painted backgrounds applied in between the brick templates.

Here at the Other Sign Co each brick is individually made out of a durable UV Resistant Quartz Sand Material - resistant in temperature changes from -37 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 Fahrenheit. Plus, our mortar joints are not painted on, they look like real mortar joints, because they are ... real mortar joints!

Each brick is hand placed over a bed of specially made acrylic adhesive that looks and feels exactly like mortar, but much stronger. What you end up receiving is a column or fence post cover that is absolutely indistinguishable from real brick - no matter how close you get to it! 

As for pricing, don't let our custom workmanship scare you. Volume sales allow us to keep our prices low and offer you quality products below anything you'll find elsewhere. Don't believe us?  Contact us for pricing and see for yourself. 

Two top cap styles available: Pyramid and Flat.  As for weight of the products, an example of the weight would be that a 12" x 12" x 72" fence post cover weighs 42 lbs. All brick columns and post covers are made to your specifications.

SIX Vibrant NEW Faux Brick Colors

Fake Brick Colors
Click on sample colors below for larger color view
Faux Brick Post Covers
" ... the custom columns as painted matched my existing
brick perfectly. The quality is outstanding. Everyone thinks
they are real brick! Thank you for the excellent customer service.  It was a pleasure doing business with your company.

Cindy G.
St. Petersburg, Florida

Faux Brick Faux Brick Colors
     3 Reds

Faux Brick Colors
Sierra Red

Faux Brick Colors
Firehouse Red

Faux Brick Colors
Burned Red

Faux Brick Colors       Faux Brick Colors
     2 Grays
Faux Brick Colors 
Alaska White
Faux Brick Colors
Flamed Gray

Faux Brick Colors 
  Desert Tan
Faux Brick Post Covers
" ... we are very happy with the faux brick fence post covers.   The items were just as promised and we are very satisfied with the service we received."

Alex Mujica
Romper Graphics
Los Angeles, CA

               Available Caps For Faux Brick Columns

Stucco Pyramid Cap Stucco Flat Cap
FS-24   FS-26

Faux Stone Columns

     As Low As $542.77 each! *
Lots of 10+ (Top caps included!)

20" x 20" x 50" *  Pedestals available for added height. See below.
* Cobblestone columns now available in 20" x 20" x 73"          

Faux Quote Request

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These faux stone columns look and feel like the real thing!  That's because their molds are made using real stone.  Made with closed-cell structural polyurethane that stands up to harsh weather they are fade resistant ...  and will not rot, crack scale or experience efflorescence like regular masonry.  Slips easily over a 4" x 4" post .  Choice of six colors. Three cap styles available: Crown (FS-23), Pyramid (FS-24 or Flat (FS-26) are included in pricing.

Faux Castle Rock Column
20" x 20" x 50" Castle Rock driveway columns
with 23" pedestal base

Faux Cobblestone Column
  20" x 20" 50" Cobblestone driveway columns
with 11" pedestal base

Faux Cobblestone Covers
" ... I was very pleased with the high quality of the product
and the personal level of service from The Other
Sign Company.  The post covers look beautiful."

           David K.
          Rancho Palos Verdes, California

  • Available in 20" x 20" x 50" sizes

  • Your Choice Of Three Cap Styles (Flat, Crown or Pyramid)

  • Column heights can be increased by 11" or 23" with the use of our optional pedestals 

  • Upscale Look At Reduced Cost

  • Increase Curb Appeal

  • Incredible Authentic Stone Look

  • Easily slip over a 4" x 4 " post

  • Durable Polyurethane Construction

  • Won't Rot, Crack Or Develop Mineral Efflorescence Like

  • No Concrete Foundations Required

Faux Cobblestone Column
             With Flat Cap
Faux Ledgestone Driveway Column
With Flat Cap
Faux Castle Rock Driveway Column
          Castle Rock
            With Crown Cap
Fake Stone Columns
   Random Rubble
    With Pyramid Cap

Available Caps For Faux Stone Columns

Stucco Crown Cap


Stuccp Pyramid Cap

Stucco Flat Cap

Stone Column Pedestal Bases

Need a higher stone column?   Use one of the pedestals below to attain a 73" or 61" height (excluding top cap)

Stucco Pedestals

20" x 20" x  23" 20" x 20" x 11"

SIX Exciting New Cobblestone, Ledgestone and Castle Rock Colors!

Faux Stone Colors

Faux Columns Free Shipping

Stucco Columns and Fencing

                   22" x 22" x 52" Drystack Faux Columns

                        As Low as $448.17*... With FREE Limited Time Shipping!*      
Lots of 10+.  Shipping to
48 contiguous states.  Alaska and Hawaii extra.  (Top caps included!)                         

Stone Columns
      Carolina Cocoa              Durango Red                 Santa Fe Adobe               Western Taupe                   Kentucky Gray
FS-CCD                                  FS-DRD                                     FS-SFD                                        SF-WTD                                           FS-KGD

* Looks like real stone     * Adds curb appeal to your property      * Lightweight (30 lbs.).     * Attaches to 4" x 4" posts

  * Solar light cap included     *Free Shipping (Limited Time Offer)       *Available in Drystack or Random Rock styles

Stucco Columns and Fencing

Faux Columns                 22" x 22" x 52" Random Rock Faux Columns  

                         As Low As $448.17* ...  With FREE Limited Time Shipping! *
Lots of 10+. Shipping to 48 contiguous states.  Alaska and Hawaii extra(Top caps included!)  

Faux Columns
     Tri Buff                            Tri Sedona Red          New England Mocha                Tri Gray
FS-TBR                                            FS-TSR                                   FS-NER                               FS-TGR

Faux Deck Post Covers
    Now Available In Two Sizes!
    8" x 8" x 41" and 8" x 8" x 44"
       (Brick and Stucco Made To Any Size)


Faux Quote Request

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Faux Columns

                                              Stucco Columns and Fencing
      8" x 8" x 41" Slatestone Deck Posts
                                              Introductory Priced At Only $127.23 each ... With FREE Limited Time Shipping! *
                                               *Shipping to 48 contiguous states.  Alaska and Hawaii extra.  (Top caps included!)  

Faux Stone Post Covers

Faux Stone Post Covers
          Deck Post Cover In Brunswick Brown


Faux Stone Post Covers
             Rundle Ridge

  • Slips over 6" x 6" posts (Converter kit available for 4" x 4" posts)
  • Six Vibrant Colors
  • Can be stacked for added height
  • Top Caps Included
  • Limited Time FREE SHIPPING


Stacked Slatestone

" ... here are some photos of the stacked slatestone deck post covers  They came out great!  Thanks for all your help."

Carole C.
Leavenworth, IN


8" x 8" x 44" High Faux Fence Deck Post Covers As Low As $109.22 each!*
(*Stucco in lots of 10+ . Top caps included!)

Faux Deck Post Covers

Faux Cobblestone Covers
" ... I was very pleased with the high quality of the
product and the personal level of service from The Other Sign Company.  The post covers look beautiful."

Thanks for all your help,

David K.
Rancho Palos Verdes, California
  • Brick, Stucco or Cobblestone
  • 10" Pedestal Available for Cobblestone Post Covers
  • Available in six colors
  • Fits over 6" x 6" posts
  • No extras - top caps included

    Faux Stone Colors

Faux Mailboxes      Starting At Only $395.17*  
Stucco Style Only  

Faux Mailboxes

                        FS-RRM                    Solar Cap Included!                            FS-DSM                                   FS-CSM                            FS-BRM                                    FS-PSM
$509.12                                                         $509.12                         $595.47                    $595.47                         $395.17 
                       Solar Cap Included                                                             Solar Cap Included
                        Free Shipping!                           
                                         Free Shipping!                            Plus Shipping                    Plus Shipping                           Plus Shipping                          
                        (Limited Time)                                                                      (Limited Time)



Faux Mailboxes
FS-FMM                       FS-SSM                                         FS-USM
                   $395.17                             $395.17                                      $412.23                  
                                Plus Shipping                         Plus Shipping                                   Plus Shipping                                



  • Meets USPS specifications

  • Mildew and Mold Resistant!

  • Stucco mailboxes painted in your
    choice of cream or gray

  • FS-RPM & FS-DSM slip over 6" x 6"
    Posts.*  Rest slip over 4" x 4" posts.
    4" x 4" converter kit available.


Beautify your yard or industrial complex with our stucco-look-alike fence panels.  We take 5" thick EPS foam panels, double coat them with a flexible hard coat acrylic latex resin and add a fiberglass mesh  

The result is a fence panel that's looks like stucco, feels like stucco but is stronger than stucco and crack resistant.  Available in two standard colors (cream and gray).  

Want to give your fence a new look at an economical cost?  Simply apply our custom made 2" stucco panels over your solid existing fence. 


  • Available in 2' and 3' heights with widths up to 8'.
  • Stucco finish applied over 5" thick 1.5# EPS foam core and fiberglass mesh reinforced.
  • 12" x 12" slotted stucco post covers slip over your existing posts.
  • Panels can be stacked to obtain any desired height.


Stucco Fencing

                                                 24" X 96" X 5" Fiberglass Mesh Reinforced EPS Core Stucco Panels

                                                 12" x 12" x 72" Notched Stucco Fence Post Covers (Slide Over 4" x 4" Posts).

                                                 Steel Fencing Not Included

Stucco Fence Panels


These double-sided faux brick panels are made with the same proprietary materials as our faux brick columns and fence post covers.  

Each "brick" is hand laid over a bed of specially made acrylic adhesive that looks and feels exactly like mortar, but stronger. Bricks are individually made out of a durable UV Resistant Quartz Sand Material - resistant in temperature changes from -37 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 Fahrenheit.

  • 2' x 8' x 4" thick EPS foam panels.
  • Resistant in temperature changes from -37 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 Fahrenheit.
  • Available in six colors (see faux brick column colors above).
  • Stack panels for any desired height.
  • Notched 12" x 12" post covers slip over a 4" x 4" post.
Faux Brick Fence Panels          
          2' x 8' Brick Panels With 12" x 12" Notched Stucco Post Covers                          Notched Post Cover

Faux Brick Fence Panels
Steel fencing not included.



   "Don't see what you want? Send us your sign design and we'll make it for you!"

Faux Signs

  • 1.5lb. High Density EPS.
  • Water & Weather Resistant.
  • Mold  & Termite Resistant.
  • Sun Resistant.
  • Will Not Rust or Peel.
  • Choice Of Over 50 Models.
  • Letters & Graphics Included.
  • Lightweight.
  • Over 2,000 Colors Available.
  • Solid Core Structure.
  • Slips Over 4" Aluminum Posts.
  • Wind Resistant.

                                           Custom EPS Foam Sign With Random Rubble Faux Stone Finish         

  " ..... we were very happy with the level of service received regarding the design of our Community Sign.  Our emails were always answered promptly, and the value for the product was excellent.  When the sign arrived, the reality (versus the in-process photographs), exceeded our expectations.  Our community is thrilled with it!"

Valley Ridge Community Association
Calgary, Ab, Canada

Add a touch of class to your commercial, residential or business projects with our EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) signs.   They're lightweight, wind resistant ... and NO costly footings are required!  Plus, you have over 50 different models to choose from!

If you are looking for low cost, easy to install one-piece monument signs, that will give you years of maintenance free service ... these signs are for you.

Made of 1.5lb.High Density Solid Core EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), these heavy duty monument signs are water and weather resistant, mold, termite, rot, sun and moisture resistant, as well as chemical erosion resistant ... and they will not rust or peel.   All of this at a weight of only one pound per cubic foot.  After fabrication, the entire sign is encapsulated with a clear hard polyurethane coating. The hard shell skin creates a rocklike exterior which gives your sign unrivaled impact resistance.

                                                            Your Choice Of Over 1,500 Colors!

Once your sign is completed, you have the choice of several finishes: sand, stucco or the plain hard coat (smooth) finish, stone accents, as well as full stone. As for color, your sign is custom painted per your color specifications at no extra charge.  We use Sherwin Williams or BEHR paints, which allows you over 2,000 color choices!.

Installation is a snap.  Your  EPS sign slips over furnished Standard 4" Schedule 40 PVC sleeves and 3" Schedule 40 Aluminum posts.  Apply PL Polyurethane adhesive - included with your sign, to the posts and you're done. Also, all our sign prices include raised routed PVC letters and graphics at no extra charge! *

Camera ready artwork required for all graphics and logos.

EPS Foam Signs

Monument Sgn

"... The sign is beautifully crafted.  It looks like a very talented mason created it.  I for one was very happy to see how great it came out.  It was also very easy to install." 

Donna Galindo
Clearbrook Community Association 

                                                                    Choose From Over 50 Custom Designs!

Note: All sizes shown below are suggested measurements.  We can supply any size sign you may need.

Monument Signs

Monument Signs

Fake Brick Signs
      Item #48 - Faux Brick Entry Sign
(Sign Face Not Inc.)

Fake Brick Signs
         Item #49 - Faux Brick Entry Sign
(Sign Face Not Inc.)

Stucco Signs                   Item #50 - Stucco Entry Sign
  (Sign Face Not Inc.)
Brick Faux Sign Pillars
                         Item #51 - Faux Brick Columns
(Sign Face Not Inc.)

Faux Brick Sign

" ... the faux brick sign you made for us was a chinch  to put up. We figure we saved about 50% of the cost over real brick.  The parishioners love it!"

David Ball - Pastor
Free Methodist Church
New Berlin, WI
                         Item #52 - Faux Brick Pillars and Base


Monument Signs

    Monument Signs   

Faux Sign Installation

Fence Panel and Sign Installation With Columns

Fence Installation

Stucco Columns and Fencing


                                                                           Stucco or Faux Brick Entrance Wall Sections

Stucco Entrance Wall Faux Brick Entrance Wall
                                         Item #STUEW-20                                                                                  Item #BRKEW-20
Use these beautiful stucco or faux brick entrance sections to add elegance and exquisiteness to your residence.  Available in two standard sizes: 20" x 20" x 60" or 28" x 28" x 60" columns, each with 36" x 12" thick walls. Special sizes made to order. The stucco sections offer your choice of two standard colors (beige and gray) and 7 top cap styles.  Faux brick sections available in six vibrant colors and three cap styles (flat, pyramid and ball)  Installs simply by slipping over 4" x 4" posts. Shown with ball cap (FS-27).  Click Here for Entrance Wall specifications.

                            Corner Landscape Walls

Corner Walls
                                           Item # STUCW
Beauty in simplicity. That's exactly what you get when using these durable and inexpensive accent walls to spruce up your grounds.  Custom graphics available to your specifications. Standard size: 4' x 4' x 3' high x 8" thick. Top caps included.  Your choice of four stucco finishes and two custom colors (beige and gray).  Installation is a snap ... simply slip over 4" x 4" posts!  Custom sizes available. Also available in faux brick.

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