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About Us

TheOtherSignCo. was formed in 2003 as a subsidiary of Bob Glover, Inc. - a 40 year old family owned sign company.  Since then, our product line has evolved from supplying standard-type signs to specializing solely in faux products including, but not limited to: faux monument signs, columns, post covers and fence panels. Custom faux designs and products can be made to your specifications.

We are constantly creating new product ideas to benefit you and/or your business.  For example, to our knowledge, we are the only company to create and offer faux entrance walls!   This amazing new entrance wall concept is lightweight, easy to install, no foundations required and at least 50% of the cost of masonry walls!  See the faux entrance walls - along with our other innovative product lines on our Faux Page.

Come back and visit us often.  One of our new ideas may be just what you've been looking for!

                    Thank you and enjoy your visit,

                   The Other Sign Company


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